Municpal PavingMunicipal Paving
For towns and cities in our service region, Blaktop, Inc. production lay-down crews have the equipment and experience to provide smooth road and street pavements installed to state specifications. Our two asphalt production facilities allow high production as well as flexibility and dependability for any type of project. We also provide road grading, gravel materials, cold planing, and pavement reclamation for complete reconstruction packages. Additionally we offer StreetPrint and Duratherm pavement enhancements that are ideal for crosswalk and sidewalk beautification projects.

Municpal PavingCommercial Paving 
Contractors and commercial property owners have been the mainstay of Blaktop’s customer base. This is the most demanding segment of the asphalt paving market because scheduling is always crucial for a building project or a business that can’t just shut down to allow its parking lot to be paved. Blaktop has three paving crews fully capable of handling commercial projects. This allows us to be available when we’re needed and to put multiple crews on a job to get it done more quickly. Our management team is focused on service and upholding the reputation of “always being there when you need them.” Additionally Blaktop offers StreetPrint and Duratherm decorative surfacing materials to highlight and enhance pedestrian areas.

Municpal PavingResidential Paving 
Paving driveways remains an important part of Blaktop’s services. Over the years our business has grown but our commitment to the driveway customer remains as strong as ever. Blaktop has been a member of the Upper Valley community since 1950, we won’t disappear when the job is done. Our one year materials and workmanship guarantee gives the customer assuranceBlaktop will make right any problem that comes up. Additionally we can offer StreetPrint decorative paving or Chip Seal exposted aggregate surfacing to give your driveway a distinctive and unique look.

Municpal PavingGrading
Blaktop has a full complement of grading and compaction equipment. This equipment is used mainly for preparing paving jobs but it is also available for grading gravel driveways, parking lots or roads. Armed with a laser level to check grades, the grade crew can bring most any surface back into shape and fully compact it so that it holds its shape longer. A full line of gravel products is handily available at Blaktop’s sister company Twin State Sand & Gravel.

Municpal PavingPlant Mix Materials
Hot Mix
Blaktop make all types of VT and NH specification mixes for state projects, municipalities and other contractors. Our plant crew does their best to load everyone’s trucks in a timely manner. Whenever possible we give customer trucks priority ahead of Blaktop’s.

Tuff Patch
Tuff Patch is a high performance cold patching material available out of stockpile. This product incorporates specially modified asphalt binder that sticks to even wet surfaces and once compacted will stay in place permanently.

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“I have been doing business with Blaktop since I came to the upper valley over 17 years ago. Paul Karp has always responded to my requests in a timely manner, and the quality of their work is always first rate. I have never hesitated to recommend them to anyone, either personally of professionally.” Cliff Saunders, Chief Estimator, Trumbull-Nelson Construction